Plenty of light with effortless operation

Classic entrance door styles suited to both period and contemporary homes

It simply doesn’t make sense in today’s modern climate for homeowners to suffer from a lack of natural light and space. Thankfully, despite being inherently traditional in design, both Patio & French doors easily emphasise both these factors, featuring slim sightlines and crystal clear glazing. Patio doors effortlessly slide to one side to instantly bring homes closer to the outside, and similarly, French doors boast effortless double-panel opening action to let homeowners venture outside in style.

Both styles might have their roots firmly set in tradition, but contemporary levels of energy efficiency and thermal heat retention are always guaranteed when opting for a fitting from Paul Tripp Installations. This ensures that all homeowners can enjoy the very best performance regardless of their property’s age, providing year round comfort as well as glorious outside views and easy function.